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Styling Services


I've always had a deep appreciation for clothes that goes beyond the materlistic level. Each thread, seam, and button has a purpose. These seeminly small things that do not seem important are actually significant when it comes to an article of clothing. In a way, it's like humans. Small things in our personality and genetic makeup that do not seem that important are actually a significant part in who we are. 

What you wear, while perhaps does not always seem significant, actually has a huge impact on who you are. Both outwardly and inwardly. 

I want to help and assist you to help you put your best foot (shoe) forward.

Styling services include:

Zoom Consultation meeting

Slideshow of your personal style

Curated Pinterest board

Optional Wardrobe clearout

A shopping session 

Clothing options 

Pile of Sweaters


Let me help you tell your story using clothes a vehicle

Pink Salt


Each person is unique with our own deep and complex stories. So why not allow clothes to help reflect that. No person is the same so naturally, no wardrobe should be the same either. My goal is to help you dress in the way that makes you feel your best and is so "you".

Pink Watch
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