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100 Days of outfits... and lessons

Happy Fashion Friday and the end of my brief hiatus!

Have you ever wanted to do something but weren't quite sure where to begin.

This blog is one of them for me, but here we are!

Another instance I have is wearing and posting outfits consecutively for a certain number of days. I thought 30 days would be ideal. But it ended up being for 100 days.


My dear friend Sarajane (@sarajane_bradford) is always doing these 100-day challenges. I decided to jump on board for a "100 days of outfits" challenge back at the end of December.


For the 100 days, we decided to have themes to coordinate our outfits too. We would rotate on who got to pick a theme for the day. So every other day I would choose the theme (full list of themes at the end of the text.)

Initial thoughts

At first, it seemed rather daunting. Like what was I getting myself into? I would have to choose 50 themes? What can I even do with that? Do I even have the proper clothes for each theme?

The Process:

I usually used a ring light, a tripod, and my self-timer to take the photos with the exception of a few days where my mom or brother took the photo/ filmed me. (Thanks mom and Riley).

I played around with different backgrounds around my house. There was a phase where I would actually sit on my dresser and take the photos by balancing my tripod on my portable laptop desk that I placed on my bed.

(Yes, it was as unstable as it sounds, unfortunately, one tripod was harmed by that method. This is one of the last photos I got with the tripod working properly. But I still did use that tripod until I got a new one. I had to be VERY creative with it)

Day 18: T-Shirt Dress + Boots

I also filmed TikToks for a few of them. With the TikToks, for most of them, I tried to create a little story.

My intention was to lean into the theory that"fashion is a form of storytelling." And I have to say, these were the favorites that I did. I got to combine two of my passions; storytelling and fashion!

I created little characters and let the clothes speak for themselves.

Got any takeaways?

Boy oh boy do I have A LOT of takeaways from this.

I really allowed myself to fully commit to each theme and not stick to the same color, patterns, and pieces that I usually gravitate towards.

I wanted this to be an opportunity to wear the clothes in my wardrobe I normally wouldn't wear and allow it to expand my style. For a while, before Quarantine I was stuck in a zone of wearing the same colors with the same pieces. And there's nothing wrong with that! I just knew I needed to change things up a bit.

This was also a nice change from wearing sweats and sweatshirts all day. I fell victim to the whole Quarantine fashion which of course is to be expected and encourage. Although I did not fall victim to tie-dye. Again, nothing wrong with it just not something I would typically wear. (Please do not take offense to the vendetta I have against tie-dye. It's nothing personal, I just personally don't wear tie-dye)

But if I am perfectly honest, I am somebody who would 100% wear heels and a nice but slightly impractical dress over the comfiest hoodie and sneakers in the world.

Therefore, you best believe I had us wearing formal dresses in a few of the themes.

Day 78: First Impression Rose

Overall, I had such a positive experience. I was able to allow myself to get outside of my fashion comfort zone and it's actually what inspired me to really get this blog up and running. I realized how much I loved creating this type of content. I loved creating new outfits, and being pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed some of the ones I created. In fact, some of the days where I wasn't sure how I was going to commit to the theme, ended up being some of my most favorite looks.

Day 22: Bell Bottoms was a theme I wasn't sure about, but I do want to implement aspects of this look more into my everyday wear.

I highly recommend trying something for a certain amount of days. Maybe not a 100, you can just start out with 7. You never know where it could lead you.

Day 85: Grammys



**= Tiktok

Day 1: Holiday Party Day 51: School Spirit

Day 2: All Red Day 52: Black & White

Day 3: Hallmark Inspired Day 53: Inspired by a Book

Day 4: Cottage Core Day 54: On the Go***

Day 5: Christmas PJs Day 55: Time Period***

Day 6 Monochromatic Brown Day 56: Valentines Day

Day 7: Sunday Best Day 57: Sophisticate*

Day 8: From My Mom's Closet Day 58: Velvet

Day 9: Something Blue Day 59: Embrace Your Skin

Day 10: Thrifted Day 60: How Bowtiful

Day 11: NYE Party Day 61: Hiking Gear

Day 12: Monochromatic Yellow Day 62: Inspired by a TV Show***

Day 13: High Fashion Day 63: Snow

Day 14: Mama Mia Inspired Day 64: Date Night

Day 15: Sweater Weather Day 65: Slip it on

Day 16: Freestyle Day 66: Overall, a Good Day

Day 17: Lace it Up Day 67: 123, 3 Colors!

Day 18: T-Shirt Dress + Boots Day 68: Finally, an excuse!*

Day 19: Preppy* Day 69: Black and Red

Day 20: Workout Gear Day 70: Inspired by a Favorite Movie**

Day 21: Monochromatic Blue Day 71: Little Kid Chic

Day 22: Bell Bottoms* Day 72: Floral***

Day 23: Checkmate Day 73: Free Style 3

Day 24: Monochromatic Green Day 74: Think Pink

Day 25: Plaid* Day 75: Desert**

Day 26: Layer Day 76: Animal Print***

Day 27: Not Your Everyday Sleeve Day 77: Hipster*

Day 28: FreeStyle 2 Day 78: First Impression Rose*

Day 29: Business Casual Day 79: Rustic

Day 30: Black & Yellow Day 80: In the Trenches

Day 31: Tie-ing up loose ends Day 81: Angel

Day 32: Got Good Jeans* Day 82: Casual

Day 33: Earth Tones Day 83: Patches

Day 34: Coated in Chic Day 84: Who do we look like?

Day 35: Disney Day 85: Grammys*

Day 36: These Boots are Made for Walking Day 86: Button Up

Day 37: Last Purchased Day 87: So Clover

Day 38: Leggings Day 88: Celebrate

Day 39: Freestyle #3 Day 89: Skirt

Day 40: Monochromatic Orange Day 90: Beachy

Day 41: Let the Rain Pour Down Day 91: Pink Ladies

Day 42: Fur Day 92: Accessorize*

Day 43: Books Day 93: Spring Break

Day 44: Fashion Cape Day 94: Flannel*

Day 45: Stripes Day 95: Back Pocket Character***

Day 46: Matching Mask Day 96: Monochromatic Purple

Day 47: Bright Day 97: Sports Ball

Day 48: A Touch of Pink Day 98: Sundays in the Park with Us*

Day 49: Concert/ Band Tee Day 99: This is Me***

Day 50: Roses* Day 100: Remember Me This Way***

To see all of the themes go to my highlight on my Instagram (@emilykatesaxon) labeled "100 OOTD" TikTok is the same username as Instagram

Follow Sarajane on Instagram (@sarajane_bradford) TikTok (@sarajane_smiles)

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