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Home can be defined in different ways. The most obvious way is the house that you currently live in. Another is, certain people or a person can may you feel like home.

I suppose that I am in a very blessed situation to be able to call both the house I live in my home, and the people I live with (my parents) my home.

Home for me is fresh coffee brewing both morning and evening, beautiful scenery while working on the porch, and nightly prayer time with my parents.

I have lived in a place that didn’t quite feel like home at first. Despite all of the great amenities and free printing(!) I didn’t feel at ease like I normally would. Perhaps it was because I was in a new place, a new situation, and everything was just that, new.

I remember video chatting with one of my friends one time and as we were talking he said “it feels like a house but not a home?” And that’s the best way I could describe it.

I lived in a house but not a home. But as I put my personal touches and spent a lot of time in that house it eventually came like a home. And a lovely home it was! (Until I had about a week to pack up 2 years of my life on short notice thanks to a global pandemic that is still happening to this very day)

But anyways, finding a home is important to our wellbeing and livelihood.

What do you consider home?

With Care,



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