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Accidental Plaid Appreciation post

I have a confession. It's not easy to admit but here it is:

When I was in middle school, discovering fashion and experimenting with trends, I fell victim to what I like to call monotramtic trend. Where I found a trend and I ran with it. One of those trends was the plaid trend.

In 2010 plaid was a huge thing. I owned so much plaid. I had red plaid, Hollister plaid, and my favorite, this purple plaid shirt with a lace thing on the back (I also used this shirt for a pirate costume multiple times).

And guess what, I haven't owned a flannel in about 5 years. (S/O to my sister's closet for letting me "borrow" flannels when I needed them)

Anyways, although I may have created a taste aversion for plaid for a bit. I slowly but surely started re-introducing it back into my wardrobe. Maybe not in flannel form, but in other forms such as a skirt and this adorable plaid pinafore dress.

When you think of plaid, maybe you think of camp or fall weather.

What is so great about plaid, is that it is actually a lot more versatile than one may think.

For example, the plaid in both the skirts and dresses I own contribute to the Preppy/ Academia section of my wardrobe.

I challenge you to look beyond you pre-conceived notions about something and see what may come from it. Perhaps try going back to something you thought you outgrew, and see how you feel. You never know.

With Care,



Multicolor Pinafore Dress (I also have the one in yellow)

White Turtle Neck longsleeves


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