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Business Casual? Business Casual!

Happy Fashion Friday!

Business Casual is probably one of the more complicated dress codes to figure out

I am with you there. However, I believe there’s a difference between work business casual and event business casual.

I will dissect this in another post (Theory Thursday anyone?)

This is how I define work business casual:

A nice top (or nice sweater in this case). (Side note) Puffy sleeves on trend and that is a trend I am always here for!

Solid colored slacks or a pencil skirt.

Small heels or flats (not pictured)

And to elevate things a variation of a pearl necklace, and a sturdy bag. (I call this my audition bag.)

Tip time! A statement necklace can automatically elevate a plain tee. As seen above.

Stay tuned for next week!

With love,



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