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California Autumn

The beauty of when the green of the trees turn a beautiful color of rotten brown and fall straight to the ground. That’s often as close to beautiful autumn trees as we get here in good ole Sunny Southern California.

No, but in all honesty, California is growing on me after 20 something years of living here. No matter how much (or little) it rains or the clouds are gloomy, you always know that a beautiful bright sunny day is not far. That’s how I like to approach life, for every 10 bad days there are about 20 good days. And for every bad cringey outfit, there's definitely a piece from it that is worth something.

Take this outfit. Here I am wearing a cream sweater dress under a tan overall dress. Now you wouldn’t necessarily peg a dress to go under a dress, would you? I wouldn’t either.

I received the cream dress as a Christmas present one year and I loved it but I just never had anywhere I could wear it too. So I put it on to just see and then I noticed this tan overall dress I had gotten the same year for Christmas. Then it hit me, what would happen if I paired these two pieces together? So I did! Then I added these light brown Michael Kors booties and tied everything together with a pearl necklace.

Fashion does not only affect who you are outwardly but also who you are inwardly. From this outfit alone, I noticed how the optimistic parts of my personality show through. How I try to figure out new ways to approach a situation. And that is the beauty of fashion, it’s more multifaceted than it appears to be, just how we as humans are way more multifaceted than we appear to be on the surface.


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