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Check(er), please!

Are you a chess or checker fan?

Personally, I'm not the most skilled in either but I would have to say checkers. (Actually, that's a lie because I find Chess more fun but for the sake of this post, Checkers it is)

Not only am I a checker (chess) fan, but I am also a huge fan of this suspender dress. First of all, I love the frilliness of the straps which gives it that feminine touch. Along with how smooth the transition is into the rest of the dress.

I paired it with this black cropped turtle neck t-shirt. Complete with a pearl headband and a pearl necklace. What a better way to say "Pearls will never go out of style".

With Care,



Pearl Headband

Suspender Dress

Black Crop Top (not the same as the picture but similar and same brand)

Pearl Necklace (Gifted)

Black Knee-High Boots (Gifted)

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