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Happy Wordy Wednesday!

I took two weeks off but we are back!

Comfort, I think, is something that everyone has been craving on top of normalcy.

Ways people are looking for comfort are looking into the comfort of your own home, wearing your comfiest pair of sweats, or eating your favorite snacks.

I definitely have experienced latching onto things I found comfort in as well. There's nothing wrong with that per se, especially in an uncertain and unfamiliar time like this.

But I found that relying on what's comfortable can kind of lead you into a rut. (I am NOT implying that you should've left your house at one point during this pandemic.)

I know watching the same things and wearing the same things every day are not going to progress me in the calling that God has placed in my life.

Going outside of what's comfortable and familiar is where you will find your purpose. I know it sounds cheesy (Side note: Isn't the saying "I know it sounds cheesy" also cheesy?)

ANYWAYS, I know it sounds cheesy but you got to go for it. I started this blog by pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Instead of constantly thinking and dreaming about it, I just went for it.

I urge you today to do something that is outside of your comfort zone, heck, perhaps even something that scares you.

With Care,


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