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A broken chair can be a nuisance for some. The chair no longer seemingly has the value it once did. No one can sit on it or stand on it, because if anyone does they may become hurt for doing so. However, a broken chair can be a gift for others. A chair can have more purpose than just being able to sit or stand (even though your mother may have advised you not to when you were younger.) You can use the chair as a decorative piece or even a place to hang your hats on.

Take this old desk chair for example. This chair has been in my family for many years, and despite the wobbliness and uncomfortableness it now yields, it is still in good condition. I did not want to get rid of it partly because I am a rather sentimental person (maybe to a fault at times that it causes me to be a borderline hoarder). Although, mostly it’s because I thought that I could make something of it. I had an empty little corner next to my closet that seemed a little dull. So I just added a scarf, fairy lights, and this painting that I accidentally bought two of to the chair. This chairs nicely in this corner making it a little less dull.

Rethink twice before you get rid of that old chair. You never know what you could create with it.

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