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Emily Wears Prada

Coats are the statement pieces of all pieces in my opinion. The possibilities of what style, color and with what pattern are practically endless.

You can put a coat over a simple and plain outfit (like the one I’m wearing) and automatically transform this look into a completely different and more elevated look

Needless to say I own more coats than I possibly should considering the fact that I was born and raised in Southern California my whole life. (Last time I mention this fact, I maybe promise)

But another fact is, I don’t care! And that’s saying something because I do indeed care a lot about other things but we aren’t going to unpack all of that right now.

I will not ever stop buying and creating outfits with coats.

Before I sign off, I need to address the Elephant in the room (post).

None of this outfit is Prada :(.

Crazy I know!

It’s just inspired by one of my favorite movies about fashion.

My favorite-favorite movie is “Before Sunrise”.

Anyways, This outfit altogether cost under $90.

It’s not about the price of your clothes but the quality of them.

Wear what makes you feel good.

With Care,



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