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Fashion is a form of Story Telling

Have you ever saw something that you thought was super cute. when you were in a store or out and about and but you thought to yourself “I wouldn’t wear that”. But there wasn’t any malice by this thought. It just simply doesn’t reflect you and is just not anything you would wear. And there is nothing wrong with that.

There’s a reason why there are a variety of different styles of fashion. “Preppy”, “Grunge”, “Boho” etc.

Because we’re all different.

That is why I believe Fashion is a form of storytelling. Whether we realize it or not, what we wear reflects a lot about ourselves. Where we live, where we are going, our personality, our lifestyle.

There are so many different factors to choosing an outfit that we don’t even realize.

You may think, “but I’m literally just choosing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and calling it a day”. Which yes, it does seem like a simple grab-and-go look.

However, from that one outfit, you’re a hint of what you’re doing (you most likely aren’t going to the gym or some extravagant party). Our clothes reveal more about us than we'd like to think.

That's why when acting, wearing specific pieces that their character wears can really transcend their performance. You're no longer wearing the shirt you would wear on a regular basis, you're wearing what they would wear. Costumes are such a vital part of any play, movie, and tv show you watch whether or not you realize it.

There is also an aspect of history to the clothing. Perhaps someone's wearing a jacket that you absolutely love and want to get for yourself, only to find out it was passed down from their Grandmother during her Hippie days. Or maybe someone is wearing a top they wore when they first met their significant other. A simple t-shirt holds more memory than we could possibly think.

And when we get rid of clothes, we have a variety of different reasons for getting rid of them. Either we never wore them, they don't fit quite right, or maybe they've run their course. You can pass down clothes you loved to give someone else, in hopes they will appreciate it as you did. And with the old comes the new.

But food for thought, you put more thought into your clothing choices than you may think you do.


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