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Happy Fashion Friday. This seems like a fitting post to end my hiatus with.

First and foremost, I'm about to expose myself.

The title of this post is definitely not the first I've used this title for something (S/O to Schrodingers Cast 30 play in 60 minutes)

Anyways, if you couldn't tell, I just graduated! (Well not just graduated, 2020 Grad.) But I did just a chance to take Grad photos with a few friends. AND I get to walk across the stage as a part of "Stage Moments" Since last year all graduations were held via online. My School or should I say, Alam Matter, gave 2020 Grads the opportunity to walk across the stage.

You may be wondering what graduation has to do with fashion. Unless of course, I graduated from fashion school (which I did not. Although I definitely considered it, but that's a discussion for another time.)

Anyways, I believe that as we graduate from school we are not only graduating from the school itself but also from who we were when we first started. I am definitely not the same girl I was when I started school or heck, even my Senior year. Learning is such an integral part of our growth. I am not just talking about the learning you received when from formal education. The learning you received living on your own for the first time. Going to the grocery store where you realize everything is more expensive than you thought. The learning you recieve when talking to others who are so different from you. Collefe is so much more than school. It's not just assignments, deadlines, and classes (which are fascinating especially when you get the option to actually choose what you want to study). It's prep for adulthood, friendships, and growth. And as I evolved my style evolved with me.

I started off wearing an extension of my high school wardrobe with a few new pieces. A lot of floral, skirts, and tights.

I still love a good skirt and a floral dress here and there. But unless I have to or it's winter, I think I have graduated from always wearing tights. I actually did find them comfortable, but I believe they served their time.

My style is a lot more structured than it used to be. Which says a lot about who I am as a person. I used to opt for flowy dresses and shirts. But now I gravitate towards a dress that fits at the top then naturally flows to the bottom half.

What we wear says more about us than we realize. Just like how the major we choose says more about us than just our desired occupation.

The clothes you wore in college help tell the story about who you were and what you did then. The dance clothes and leggings I collected from all the movement and dance classes. I took tell the story of a girl who was trying to still look stylish but had to give in to function over fashion. You do not want to wear a dress during destructuring.

But I think I'll cherish the memories, more than I'll cherish the clothes I wore.

With Care,



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