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Modest yet Flattering

Happy Fashion Friday!

So another aspect of my style is modesty. I dress this way for a variety of reasons.

  1. My faith, values, and beliefs

  2. The pieces I'm drawn to naturally already have that built into them. (I.e. turtle necks, overall dresses, coats, puffy sleeves, etc.

  3. I'm not sure if this technically a part of it or if I am just going deep into my own psyche assigning childhood situations to certain aspects of my current life. I've only been dressed coded once in my entire life. And that time was in the second grade. Yes, when I was 7. I was wearing a skirt on a Wednesday because Wednesdays were our short days at school meaning we did not have P.E. So my friends and I would dress up on those days. And I remember wearing a pink skirt and then getting told I had to change because it was too short. ( I WAS SEVEN. Sorry, I don't like to yell) So I had to wear basketball shorts the rest of the day and it was indeed embarrassing. Since then I vowed I would never wear basketball shorts unless I absolutely had to. To this day I don't own a single pair of basketball shorts and I don't ever intend to. (I'm not bitter, I assure you.)

Anyways, sorry for the side tangents. I have an oddly specific memory as you can see.

Here are the ways I style this.

With Care,


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