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Overall, an ideal piece

Happy Fashion Friday!

When starting a wardrobe, I would argue and say that versatility is key. Having pieces that can go with a variety of other pieces not only gives you more options but also gives you more bang for your buck. (Which as you will learn, I'm all for that).

One of my wardrobe staples are overall dresses. I have about 5 (and counting). I guarantee you will see them all on this blog and/or on my instagram at one point or another.

I don't choose favorites (actually that's a lie because I have a lot of favorites that make up at least 55% of my wardrobe (whoops). Anyways, I will say that this Forever 21 classic denim overall dress is OVERALL my favorite (I'm so sorry I had too).

The blue denim and length naturally lends itself to be paired with numerous colors and styles. It is definitely my go to look when I am in a rush. I love to pair overall dresses with these types of body con dresses that can easily disguise themselves as a top.

My basic rule of thumb when it comes to dressing overall dresses is to opt for a higher neck and longer sleeves so you can see the top (or dress) you are wearing.

What are your wardrobe staples?


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