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Ripped Jeans, Ripped(Strong) Memory

Jeans. Jeans are the clothing items that most everyone has in their wardrobe, no matter what style you have. They are a staple. It's a little mind boggling to think about the evolution of jeans.

Women began to start introducing pants into their wardrobe during the 1930s. But it wasn't until the 1960s where it began more common for women to start wearing jeans.

The jeans they wore were straight legged with a cuff at the bottom. Then came hip hugger jeans, then it was high-waisted flare jeans, then back to low-rise, boot cut jeans, skinny jeans, high waisted jeans and now high rise straight legged mom jeans. (

Now that you have a very brief history of jeans, time for my more in-depth personal history of jeans.

Like all kids I wore whatever my mom dressed me in. But I was so fortunate to have a mom with an amazing fashion sense. I still trust her opinion. (My Grandmother used to be a buyer for retail stores)

The jeans that were in style at that time were bootcut and then skinny jeans came into the equation and everything changed for me. I remember becoming more aware of fashion in 6th grade. Everyone was wearing them and I so desperately wanted a pair. I remember looking for skinny jeans everywhere and finally finding them at Macys. And I bought my first pair of skinny jeans. (Well I didn't my Grandma did. Thank you Granny) Blue Guess skinny jeans and black skinny jeans went into the bag and thus began this journey. I couldn't wait to wear them. But it was nearing the last weeks of school and the weather rather warm. (I know I have a very specific memory when it comes to these things. )

And from there, I began to have a personal vendetta against bootcut jeans. I remember one time having to wear bootcut jeans in the 7th grade for whatever reason, so I paired them with boots so I could hide the bootcut.

How do I feel about bootcut jeans today? I've definitely simmered down.

uI still own skinny jeans. (Apparently they're "out" now, but if being completely honest, I don't think I have it in me to write it in my Jean out-list) I do love a good high-waist jean. I do want to introduce mom straight leg jeans into my wardrobe at one point. As for ripped jeans, I too, had written them on my Fashion out-list, but then my sister-in-law and my brother bought me these super cute and comfy pairs of ripped jeans, and I've changed my mind on them. (Thank you Nickie and Riley)

In all honesty, I really don't wear jeans these days unless I need to. If I do wear jeans, I tend to dress them in "Emily" Casual. Which is exactly what you see above. (A nice top, a possible accessory and heels or flats.)

All of this to say, I'd rather wear a dress and pair of heels than jeans and sneakers.

What's your favorite style of jeans?

With Care,

Emily-Kate Saxon

Article referenced

"A brief history of Women's fight to wear pants"


Navy Blue top

Jeans (Gifted)


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