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Thank you for deciding to checkout my online home! I hope you find some value and/ or entertainment in this.

Here is my intended schedule for posting;

Wordy Wednesday- This is where I post words of wisdom, humor, or just words.

Fashion Friday- Where I will post an outfit/ Fashion finds

As well as various other content such as decor, favorites, and film throughout the week.

Feel free to leave anything else you'd like to see!

*Side note* I'd love to be able to add recipes to the list but as of right now I've burnt every pre-made cookie dough I've ever put in the oven, so I may need to start there.

Tip of the post: Do not put a jar of almond butter in the microwave unless you want to see literal sparks fly.

Oh you already knew this? I guess your head of the curb, by curb I mean me (Emily)

With care and love,



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