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Happy Wordy Wednesday. Took a slight break from last Wednesday but I am here ready to Spring into action!

Speaking of Spring, it is my most favorite season. I used to say that Fall was my favorite season during the Fall and Summer, and Spring was my favorite during the Winter and Spring. But I realized that Spring is my favorite season all year round. The days are longer and not too warm yet you can still get away with wearing a nice flowy dress with sleeves.

It's a season of new beginnings. Baby animals are being born and flowers are blooming. The bright colors and and the coolness of the wind take us out of the winter gloom. (Even though it doesn't get gloomy super often in California, but still!)

My favorite thing to do in the mornings during the Spring is to sit outside on my front porch having my devotional time with God. My soul is refreshed and I feel ready to take on each beautiful leafy Spring day.

What's your favorite season?

With Care,


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