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Happy Wordy Wednesday!

Here in Southern California it is such a beautiful day that just makes you want to listen to Ella Fitzgerald and skip instead of walking. (Just me?)

I used to be a rain over shine type of girl. I would get so excited when it was gloomy. Rainy days felt special. The thought of drinking hot chocolate, having P.E. indoors, and jumping in puddles with my rain boots made me so hopeful when I saw a grey cloud. Not to mention umbrellas are a great accessory. Oh! and a chance to wear one of my many waterproof coats. It may have also been the fact that we only experience downpour a few times a year.

But now having spent the better part of 2020 (and a bit of 2021) indoors, the bright sun is more than welcomed.

There is something beautiful about a bright sunny day. The flowers are brighter, the birds are chirpy, and you don't have to worry about getting your hair wet. The sunshine is hope for a bright and beautiful day ahead.

After this past year, sunshine is always welcomed.

With Care,


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