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Sports Ball Chic

Oh the memories of that fresh smell of your glove the first time you take it out of its bag when the season starts and the feeling of finishing a game knowing you gave it your all no matter the result. Are all things I indeed cannot relate to. Well, except the last part of that jumbled sentence.

I suppose I do have a secondhand sense of these memories due to both my siblings being heavily involved in sports.

I did however have a sports career of my own. Short lived but I did. The following conversation took place at the beginning

Dad: Emily, what baseball team do you want to be on?

5 year old me: I want to be on the pink team!

We did come up with a compromise. Every single t-ball game that I played for the dodgers, I had on a pink helmet, a pink baseball mitt, and a pink baseball bat.

As stated, my entire family are avid sports watchers and fans. Living in L.A. naturally, the Dodgers are their team. So their excitement that the Dodgers were going to the World Series was through the roof. The day they won the World Series my Dad told us that we HAD to wear our Dodger t-shirts. Almost unwillingly, I agreed. But if I was going to wear any Dodger shirt I couldn’t just wear it as is.

So I decided to create a whole look with it.

I call this outfit “Sports Ball Chic”.

To create this look I added a cropped collar blouse under this Cory Seager “Seagull” (As I call him) jersey t-shirt, and this plaid pleated skirt that I was about to retire.

This is a feminine and preppy take on the more traditional wear of this shirt. Which would be more than likely paired with Jeans, which of course works! This is just not how I typically like to dress.

Although when I told my dad I would wear this outfit to a Dodger game, he looked at me with disdain.

I challenge you to create an unlikely outfit out of a t-shirt.


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